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E Northern SIksikau band of the Blackfeet
JL told us that the Apekwan—the Hudson's Bay
Company—had a post over in the Rockies where
they traded gunpowder and 'white man's food' for
buffalo robes; and since we had a lot of good robes
with us that we had taken on our hunt, they told
us to go there and fdo some trading'. Our chief
decided that we would.

So the next day when the big Sun Dance
camp broke up and all of the tribes started
for their favourite hunting-grounds^ we headed
west toward the Rockies, whose snow-covered
peaks we could already see from the Sun Dance

We children looked forward to seeing some
white people. We had seen only a few mens and
we had never been able to go up close and get a
good look at them. And we wondered what their
boys would look like, and their women; for we
had never seen any of these.